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The Vino Vixentm


The Vino Vixen is Mari Stull Fishenden.  A wine journalist and columnist whose musings appear in over 25 newspapers, magazines, and online outlets monthly.  The Vixen de-mystifies wine one sip and wine-oh at a time with her down to earth and humorous approach to vino.

After a successful career in international trade representing the US and international food and beverage industry before the United Nations, World Trade Organization, and US & foreign governments; Stull began her professional wine career as Vice President of Supermarketing Promotions, founders of the Virtual Wine Selector. (Brother, Kevin Dunleavy is founding CEO and still running strong!). 

A Wine Barrel of Credentials

A member of the Society of Wine Educators, International Wine, Food, and Travel Writers Association, Wine Educator with the French Wine Society, consulting wine expert to the Land Rover’s America’s Polo Cup and recognized international wine judge, The Vino Vixen is serious about wine education (with a dash of frivolity).  Her irreverent and enjoyable approach to wine education has earned her hundreds of speaking engagements, corporate & private wine tastings, and media contributions.


The Vino Vixen also wine correspondent on Wine Taste TV.com, the leading wine internet television channel on the web today.  Check out her interviews with esteemed winemakers such as Jean-Luc Columbo, Roberto Anselmi, and Raymund Prum.

The Vixen serves as Wine Director of The Carlyle Club, a NY-style supper club in the DC metropolitan area.  Her wine program- with private wine lockers, over 120 wines, incredible value-driven pricing, and winemaker dinners have earned happy accolades and swell press.

And finally, The Vino Vixen is founder of Club BV*, a wine tasting club in the DC area that meets in undisclosed locations each month to sip 8-10 luscious wines in the company of other *Bon Vivants.  Stull started Club BV* as a way to create more wine-OHs and give back to the community (The Vino Vixen donates proceeds from each Club BV* winetasting to local charities).


Some of the publications featuring “The Vino Vixen”

*Bon Vivanthttp://www.clubbv.org/